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The mission of Books for Keeps is to inspire joyful experiences with literacy that can be forever associated with learning. We believe that providing children and families with open, equal access to books allows them to connect the joy of reading with the thrill of discovery, laying the foundation for a successful, fulfilling life.

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At Books for Keeps, we approach the work that we do and the groups that we serve with our core values in mind. 


We seek to remain authentic and accountable to those that believe in our mission, no matter where we find ourselves in the community. Because it's the right thing to do. 


There's always space at our table. We believe that everyone should be able to see themselves represented in the work we do and the resources we seek to provide. 


We’re committed to taking the time to meet people where they are at, remain open-handed, and flexible. We believe that vulnerability builds community. 


We are lifelong learners. We work to express ourselves, and the things we enjoy, respectfully, intentionally, and often.


We believe that literacy is a human right that includes open, equal access to books for all. We believe books are a gateway to understanding the universe and the boundless possibilities contained within it for every person, regardless of their life circumstances. We believe that equitable book access from an early age provides kids with the opportunity to connect the joy of reading with the thrill of discovery, laying the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that reading invites us to engage with the world as critical thinkers, empathic individuals, and engaged citizens.

We believe in literacy for all, y'all!

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