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2023 Stop Summer Slide Book Distributions!

Spring (or pollen) is in the air, which means it’s once again time for our annual book distributions! We are excited to announce that the distribution dates for our 2023 Stop Summer Slide Book program have been finalized, and now we need your help to get more books to more kids!

If you’ve helped out before, welcome back! If you’re new to book distributions, just know that it’s the most magical time of the year for our team and we absolutely adore sharing it with you – our community!

During our visits, we will be assisting students in selecting books to take home and keep, forever! These books are carefully selected to ensure that they are engaging, age-appropriate, and reflective of diverse experiences and backgrounds. Students are also surveyed each year to make sure BFK continues to provide books we know they’re interested in. We believe that every child deserves access to high-quality books and our school visits are one way we strive to make that happen.

We will be visiting these schools on the following dates:Oglethorpe AvenueClarkeApril 13th-14thFreemanWarrenTBDBarnett ShoalsClarkeApril 18th-19thJ.J. HarrisClarkeApril 19th-20thBenteenFultonApril 21stDunbarFultonApril 17th-18thFowler DriveClarkeMay 4th-5thAlps RoadClarkeMay 3rd-4thWintervilleClarkeMay 1st-2ndWhit DavisClarkeMay 8th-9thWhitehead RoadClarkeMay 9th – 11thGaines SchoolClarkeMay 12th & 15thCleveland RoadClarkeMay 16th-17thStroudClarkeMay 16th-17thTimothyClarkeMay 18th-19thBarrowClarkeMay 19th & 22ndChase StreetClarkeMay 22nd-23rd

Volunteer registrations are soon to follow on our Givepulse page.

For any questions you have about anything above, please reach out to

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