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BFK Presents: Reading Is Reading raises over $6,000 for book access

What a night, y'all! On March 28th, Books for Keeps hosted its first-ever spring fundraiser event at The Foundry in Athens, Georgia. BFK Presents: Reading Is Reading is a literary showcase-style event that included 4 presenters from our community sharing their unique interpretation of how reading shows up in their life. Presentations were led by:

  • Dr. Grace Bagwell Adams presenting "How Reading Helps Me Defy Social Expectation (Or, Why I'm a Tap Dancer, a Data Scientist, and a Mom)"

  • Tionya Lawrence, presenting "Close Encounters of the Professional and Public Health World"

  • Mark Taylor, presenting "Literacy Through the Ages"

  • Justin Bray, presenting "How Can We Make This Movie Better Than the Book?"

The evening was a celebration of diverse perspectives on how 'Reading is Reading,' no matter its form. Community members both in the room and from afar had the opportunity to 'vote with their dollars' to select a crowd-favorite presenter (Congratulations, Tionya!) Together, y'all helped to raise $6,113! All proceeds raised will directly support literacy for all here in our community through expanded book access, specifically going towards book purchasing for next year's Spring Book Distributions.

A huge thank you to our presenters, judges, event volunteers, attendees, and everyone who donated. We are so grateful for your partnership in making this event such a success! This work would not be possible without you!

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